Sardinia is an island of the Mediterranean Sea and as such offers a variety of unique landscapes. At the same time though it might seem complicated to reach, but it is not. Here you can find the best way to travel to Sardinia.

By plane

It is the fastest way to travel to Sardinia.

The nearest airport to the Horse Country Resort is Cagliari which is just a 60-minute drive from the resort (85 km).

From the airport you can reach the railway station of Cagliari and from there take a train direction Olbia-Tempio, Sassari or Oristano with the nearest station of descent from the train: Marrubiu-Terralba, from where you can reach Arborea by bus or taxi.

By ferry

It is the more accessible way of transport for horses. In Sardinia you can get to the ports of Cagliari (the nearest to Arborea), Porto Torres and Olbia.

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By bus

From the city of Cagliari there is a bus connection with Arborea.

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By car

It’s the easiest way to get around the island. You can take your car on the ferries or rent one in the many car rentals on the island.

From Cagliari to Arborea you have to follow the SS 131 route towards Sassari, you will get to Arborea in 85 km.

From Porto Torres or Olbia you have to follow the SS 131 route towards Cagliari and take the exit for Arborea.