This esteemed national and International event undoubtedly presents a significant opportunity for brands and companies choosing to invest in and promote their brand, products, news and initiatives.

Approximately 100 partecipants are expected to attend. Over 1000 people, including companions, visitors and tourists will be present at the Resort. There will be 20 media representatives, including journalists, TV crews, photographers and video operators.

Aligning your brand with the event involves visibility across various media channels and communication platforms. This includes pre-event exposure on social media, websites, newspapers, flyers, posters, press releases and invitations.

During the event, your presence can be showcased through a commercial Village stand, banners, roll-ups, inflatable arches, awards podium passes, prizes, race and commission t-shirts, backpacks and hats.

Post-event visibility can be maintained through press releases, articles, a gratitude feature in magazines, photos, a post-event video and an official brochure.